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My Epic MegaJam 2022 Entry.

The theme was "As Above So Below", which, after some research, has turned out to be a way of saying "interconnected worlds". The game has been designed around that.

The game is about travelling between two parallel worlds, the Light and the Dark world. Your goal is to reach your ship, and take off.

Instructions can be found on the readme file, and in-game.

Date of (Jam) submission: 02.09.2022

Author's notes:

I actually had a way bigger and more complex game in mind for this entry; but sadly, due to time constrains, I had to ditch the original game. I will be re-making this project from (mostly) scratch. I'm planning to start it over within a few months.

Install instructions

Download the zip file, then extract its contents to a folder of your liking. Then run the *.exe file.



Shroudeye_ParallelWorlds.zip 482 MB

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