A downloadable PicoCAD Model

Prepare for Descent! This is a fan-made model of the iconic Pyro-GX from the classic game Descent 1 and 2; made in PicoCAD, and *only* for PicoCAD Jam 8.

Descent 1 and 2 has been produced by Parallax Entertainment, while the original Pyro-GX, made by Eagle, is an intellectual property of Interplay Productions. It is *not* for sale.

Install instructions

Simply download the *.rar file, and extract the files within into a folder of your liking (i.e. Pyro-GX). The model is se_pyro_gx_02_s.txt, which can be opened in PicoCAD.



Shroudeye_Pyro-GX_PicoCAD_Jam_8.rar 635 kB

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