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SandWars - Mini Jam 108 entry by Shroudeye and GreatMergen

Game description:

Enjoy a toy artillery fight between sand-castles! As reds, clear all other colors off the map to proceed.

Game controls:


-W-A-S-D keys will move your camera along the map,

-Left Shift and Left Ctrl keys will Zoom in & out,

-Z Key will focus on the currently active camera (when you are in control)


-R and F keys will adjust the angle of the cannon,

-T and G keys will adjust the strength of the shot,

-Enter key will fire the cannon, and end your turn on that cannon.

Good luck!

Known bugs:

-Focusing the camera sometimes takes a bit to finish, and pulls you back to the focused camera when you try to move around.

Just wait a few moments after the camera has stopped to prevent this behaviour...

Install instructions


After downloading, unpack the contents of this *.rar file to a folder of your liking, then run the SandCastleWars.exe. Enjoy!


SandWars.rar 461 MB


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Anyone remember Cow Wars back in the Amiga days.